Everything you need to know about strong snus

Strong snus is something that has become more and more popular. It was just a few years ago that GN Tobacco launched Siberia Snus which is one of the world’s strongest snus, and since then, the demand for extra strong snus just increased. Siberia Snus stands out because of its high nicotine content which is 43 mg/g, but there are more brands that invest in really strong snus.

What affects how strong snus is experienced?

Here we will talk a lot about the nicotine level in Swedish snus. It is mostly the nicotine content, which defines whether the snus is strong or not, but it is certainly not the only thing that affects. It is important to know that nicotine levels are one thing, and the perceived strength of snus is something else. The perceived strength is affected among other of pH value, format, moisture content and the taste of snus such as intense mint flavors.

Depending on how you use snus and how much saliva you have in your mouth, snus can be experienced strongly different from person to person. When a brand indicates the strength of the snus on its cans, for example through four filled rings out of five possible, are all factors that affect how strong snus is perceived to be included. It is thus the perceived strength of the snus that is indicated on the packaging, and not the nicotine level.

When you use a moist snus, you absorb more nicotine compared to using a dryer snus. If you compare loose snus or original portion that is moist with white portion that is a dryer snus it requires a lower level of nicotine in the moist snus to be perceived as strong as a white portion.

Store strong snus in the refrigerator

The pH value also affects the perceived strength, the higher the pH value the more nicotine is absorbed and the stronger the snus is experienced. What you can do yourself to influence your strong snus is to store it in the refrigerator. The snus then stays moister and retains its pH value, which does that you get a snus that feels stronger and also has a better taste.

Very strong nicotine pouches

At Snus Me we focus on smokeless tobacco products and smokeless tobacco free nicotine products, and we want to offer you the best selection. Here you will find a very wide range with both well-known and lesser-known brands. If you are looking for extra strong nicotine pouches, look for products with a nicotine level between 15-20 mg/g. You can find these at brands such as Nordic Spirit, Lyft, VOLT and Ace.

What counts as strong snus?

In the specifications here at SnusMe, the product’s nicotine level is stated in mg/g. It is also possible to translate in percent. If you look at traditional snus, such as most products from Göteborgs Rapé, they have a nicotine level of 8 mg/g. In percentage it corresponds 0.8%. Generally, snus over 1.5% is usually called strong snus and when it comes over 2%, ie. a nicotine level of 20 mg/g, it is very strong snus, even for an experienced snus user.

GN Tobacco was the first to launch an extremely strong snus, this was named Siberia Snus. It became sought after in the market and had an incredible impact. Strong snus was something that snus users had been waiting for. Most products in Siberia’s range has a nicotine level of 43 mg/g, which corresponds to 5-6 pieces of normal-strength portion snus of 8 mg/g.

Which is the world’s strongest snus?

In addition to Siberia Snus, there is a player in the market that focuses on just extremely strongly snus. The company is called V2 Tobacco and has been owned by Swedish Match since 2017. V2 Tobacco manufactures its snus in Danish Silkeborg and has three different brands, Chainsaw, Thunder and Offroad. Chainsaw’s product Chainsaw Cold White Dry has a nicotine level of 22 mg/g and is considered extra strong, but does not usually top any lists of the world’s strongest snus.

The Thunder and Offroad brands, on the other hand, can be found high up when strong snus is to be listed. With its nicotine level of 45 mg/g, Thunder X Slim White Dry can be the world’s strongest snus. It has a taste of menthol and the extreme nicotine level is achieved by adding extra tobacco in each portion.

In the Offroad series, it is a snus that stands out, Offroad X Arctic Xplorer White Dry. With its nicotine level of 45 mg/g is Offroads strongest snus, and its slogan “Xpand your horizon” fits well as this snus really creates new taste experiences. Offroad X Arctic Xplorer White Dry is definitely competing to be the world’s strongest snus. It has a taste of peppermint and is in the lower price range among strong snus.

Siberia is best known among strong snus

Siberia snus is the most famous snus among extremely strong snus, and there are many who would designate Siberia as the world’s strongest snus. Siberia’s range includes several different types of snus with a nicotine level of 43 mg/g. The range offers different mint flavors, different moisture and different pH value, and also both original portion and white portion which allows you to perceive the strength of the different varieties completely differently.